3 Multi-Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Automatic cat litter box automatically rakes the waste, depositing it in a waste area each time your pet cat utilizes the litter box. After your pet cat uses the LitterMaid litter box, a dual activity sensor activates and also after 10 minutes, the device begins its cleansing cycle.

An unique rake collects the globs and also as it moves on the waste compartment opens to obtain the globs and then shuts and also seals the waste.The LitterMaid Multi-Cat self-cleaning can operates on low voltage as well as it can be powered with Air Conditioning adapter or 8 AA batteries (batteries are not consisted of).


As the rake moves forward it raises the globs, looking the tidy trash as well as lastly depositing the clutter globs into the waste receptacle which opens up to get the waste. If a pet cat comes back the trash box during the countdown period, the machine will certainly reset for 10 extra mins postpone once the feline leaves the litter box.


The following advantages and also disadvantages of the Littermaid multi-cat will certainly help you to determine with more info:


  • Larger capacity trash pan makes it ideal for two tiny to tool pet cats or one large pet cat (a little larger than medium size).
  • Ramp to lower litter tracking
  • Immediately cleans up the can 10 minutes after the pet cat utilizes it.
  • Reset device in instance a feline re-enters the can while in 10-minute countdown.
  • Extra effective motor and a little quieter than previous versions
  • Carbon filter assists to regulate odors
  • Unit can be dismantle for easy cleaning as well as disposal of dirty clutter.


  • The rake does not ditch all-time low of the unit to gather waste stuck on the bottom.
  • If felines steps on it, Power switch can be shut down.
  • Trash spillage when rake deposits the globs right into the waste compartment.
  • The litter level is reduced so you need to pour or change clutter more frequently
  • Rake sometimes gets stuck and also does not move (litter gathered on waste compartment area or rake location).
  • This version does not come with sleep timer
  • Not really strong construction around waste area (you can obtain the Litter Works that adds a much bigger capability to gather waste and very simply to dispose, inspect a complete review here.).
  • Waste stuck on the rake, but much less than previous versions.


  1. To prevent waste from sticking at the bottom of the tray, you can somewhat layer the frying pan with “Rust Oleum Never Damp”. The frying pan is detachable and also it does not have digital items in it.
  2. To make the system run efficiently you can place 3M silicon spray with a soft towel on rails and rake tines.
  3. Replace the plastic waste area with PERMA-lid and by doing this you can use any type of trash can rather than getting plastic receptacles (you can see a video how it operates in YouTube).
  4. You need to make use of hard-clumping clutter like Natures Miracle, if not, when the rake presses the globs it breaks them right into little items as well as a few of them will fall from the rake thus, they won’t be dropped into the waste compartment.
  5. To maintain the automatic litter box make certain to totally tidy and also vacant the system a minimum of once a month.
  6. See to it to fill up the frying pan with the exact amount of trash indicated, if putting way too much trash or too little will trigger the unit to breakdown.


Littermaid MultiCat automatic litter box aids you to maintain the cat can cleaner than a normal can. It is very important to point out that you need to follow the directions religiously to obtain a gadget that really works for you and also you have to use some minor adjustments to obtain the very best performance. This is not an unit that you will unload, establish and neglect, it requires upkeep.

If you maintain the device clean, plus using the “suggestions”, this automatic can will aid you keep your feline can tidy. Preferably, you require to keep an eye on the can at least once daily. With two felines you may require to transform trash every 3 or 4 days. With one cat, approximately weekly. You need to put clean trash as required. It’s important to state that according to clients evaluations, 60% of consumers are pleased with this automatic litter box while 40% are not.


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